Thursday, January 14, 2010

Father of Pentium Chip - Vinod Dahm

Its really a high time to know more about the great personality Vinod Dahm who invented the pentium chip,on which today more than 90% of computers run.He is suitably known as the father of the Pentium processor. Vinod was born in Pune, India in 1950. He received his initial education at Pune. Vinod earned his bachelor's degree from the Delhi College of Engineering, in Electrical Engineering in the year 1971. After completing his engineering, Vinod worked briefly in Delhi for Continental Devices- a semiconductor company. To pursue advance studies, Vinod went to the US in the year 1975. There, he joined the University of Cincinnati to pursue a Masters in Electrical Engineering. After his masters, in 1977, Vinod joined the National Cash Register (NCR) at Dayton, Ohio. There, he worked as a team member of the NCR's memory design group. While working at the NCR, Vinod Dahm received many patents.During one of his presentations,Intel was so impressed with their knowledge and offered him to work with them.And what happened after that you people know very well......

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